And When You Smile

The whole world stops and stares for a while…

This past September I had the amazing honor of attending the first Portrait Master’s Conference hosted by Sue Bryce in Palm Springs, CA. Eight of the world’s top portrait photographers and all Canon Explorers of Light, including THE LINDSAY ADLER were on tap to be our speakers and instructors!!!! I was STOKED! When we found out the location was going to be in Palm Springs I asked my husband, Cody, to come along to hang out.

Lindsay and Sue are the reasons I got into women’s portrait photography. The are true champions for women, huge supports of other photographers, and everything I want to be in my business. Sue’s biggest saying is #existinphotos and it’s what I preach too. Lindsay is a prime example of that. For her 30th birthday she went to her favorite portrait photographers and had each of them capture a different version of her. When I read that article a while back it really stuck with me. My 40th is a few years away but I’ve been making a list of my favorite photographers to go to one day. Lindsay is in my top 5. I instantly thought how cool it would be to do a shoot in Palm Springs with her!? How random, but AWESOME!

I honestly wasn’t sure she even shot regular portrait sessions anymore, I mean not magazine/fashion/cosmetic work. Seriously, she’s FAMOUS for those things! So, when I emailed her and SHE emailed me back saying sure, I WAS SHOCKED. You can read the rest of my story HERE!

But for now, here is our session! We went in expecting to get an EPIC shot from working with her, it’s what Lindsay does. We also planned on buying less than 10 images. But as you can see below we got several EPIC images and bought a WHOLE lot more. ? Like I tell my clients, make sure there aren’t any you’re leaving that you’ll regret not taking!!!!

Meeting Lindsay, watching her work and really getting to know her was one of the best days of my life! I’m honored to call her a friend now. And you should have seen her and Cody. Seriously, it’s like they’d known each other for years!  <3

My portrait shoot with Ashley and her husband was one of the most enjoyable session I’ve ever done— I felt like I really connected with the couple and we had a BLAST planning and shooting it! In the pre-shoot consultation I learned that Ashley is a portrait photographer who believes in the importance of existing in photos— showing that she values her own craft by have beautiful portraits taken of her and her husband Cody. – Lindsay Adler

Lindsey Adler Session Palm Springs

“F or the location, we would shoot some dramatic and cinematic shots in the desert (to reflect her love of fashion and dramatic imagery) followed by some more ‘Wes Anderson inspired’ images to reflect the quirkiness of this couple. We only shot for a couple hours in the hot hot desert (in September!) but we were able to create a striking variety quickly, then go have a fabulous brunch together! – Lindsay Adler