So Maybe We’re a Bliss

A bliss of another kind…

I have the most supportive friends ever. Since the first time I even mentioned starting a photography business it was “how can I help, what can we do, what do you need?” They have just been amazing. I use them as my test subjects for new lighting techniques, my models when I need to practice new poses, and my brain trust when I have ideas I want to bring to my clients. They also jump in when I have crazy creative ideas too!

For the past few years I’ve wanted to give Jenn a creative shoot as a thank you for all of her support and help but none of my ideas were “right” or strong enough for what I wanted to give her. She’s an art history professor with such a LOVE and appreciation for art, I just needed/wanted it to be perfect.

I was scrolling through Instgram one day and came across the most stunning wedding dress. It was a simple silhouette, but it was head-to-toe distressed ruffles. And for some reason when I first scrolled passed it, I thought it looked like torn book pages. THAT’S IT! Jenn is also an avid reader! I need to create a book dress! I had no idea how I was going to do it, but that was the PERFECT idea!


And look! I only burnt myself once! 🙂Jennifer Webb