Now That That Don’t Kill Me

Can only make me stronger.

A business brand is so much more than a logo these days. It’s the people behind the business. The feeling clients get walking into your space. And the way they feel after working with you. Your brand is how clients perceive your business.

Working on personal branding images for local mom & pop companies has been such a great way for me to really get to know my clients. To figure out what their images need to say and the psychology behind selling is so fascinating to me!

Destination Fitness’s brand isn’t just health and fitness. It’s family, support, knowledge and belonging. You become part of this amazing family when you join. Julie and Michael are incredibly kind and welcoming. I was lucky to spend some time photographing them for new business images.

I’m expanding more and more into the world of personal branding and I’d love to work with you. Let me help you project the true personality of your business. Shoot me an email if you’d like more information on headshots and personal branding:

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