We are Beautiful

… In every single way

I met Elise a couple years ago at the gym. Not only is she beautiful, she’s an incredibly kind person. This is why I was so excited when I got the opportunity to photograph her personal branding images. Getting to know her better was wonderful!

After hair and makeup by one of my stylists, Annie Otterblad, we started Elise’s session on the more serious side. We captured personal branding images for her to use on LinkedIn and to be her more “professional” look. Then it was on to the fun and glamour! She brought a few of her favorite items to wear and I also had a few options in the studio closet I was dying for her to try on! Check her out!

I love when I can turn one-on-one sessions into family portraits! We had Elises’ boyfriend come for the end of the session so I could get images of them together. They were too adorable!

If you’re interseted in personal branding images, glam portraits or family images let me know! I’d love to chat: ashleyslindseyphotography@gmail.comashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-brandingashley-lindsey-photography-elise-wolner-portrait-glam-personal-branding