Standing on the Other Side

Cody and I don’t give each other gifts for our anniversary. We never have. Instead we travel, buy ourselves something we really want, or buy something together (usually for the house!) This is just how things evolved for us and I love it.

For our tenth anniversary this past May we did a little of all of the above! We went on a once in a lifetime trip to Italy with some great friends and then we had a photo session with the amazing Stacey of LaCoursiere.

How does a photo session fall into buying things we each want or need for the house you ask? Well it’s simple. Cody and I haven’t taken a professional photo together since our wedding. I wanted to have some current images to document where we are in our life right now and to be able to hang one or two in our home. And Stacey is one of the best photographers in town. I’m stoked to be able to hang her work in our house!

All of these great things happening in our lives and all I can think about is I’m not at the weight I want to be for our session. I’m going to look so bad next to my incredibly handsome husband. I’m going to be so embarrassed when I see them…

Working as a photographer I hear these comments/questions all of the time. They are usually followed by:

Can you photoshop out my ____ ?

Can you make _____ look smaller?

Can you put me in the back so _____ doesn’t show?

And to every one of these I say, “You look fantastic!” So why is it I can’t say this to myself? Why can’t I convince myself that has nothing to do with what these photos are about?

I’ve read several blogs from other photographers about this and how they deal with the client who really doesn’t want to be in the family picture. It all comes down to this:

Exist in photos for your family. – Sue Bryce

It’s simple; photos are a record of you living. They are proof you’re a slice of this world. They show parts of your life that others (mainly family in other states, for us) get to see and be a part of.

It’s not about how I think I look; it’s about this moment in our lives. We’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary, we both have great jobs, we’re at a point in our lives where we can travel more, and we love our home and our cats. We’ve built a fantastic life together. That’s what these images are about. Not my weight, not my hang-ups, but OUR.AMAZING.LIFE.