Where there is desire…

… there is gonna be a flame.

And this girl’s flame shines brighter than anyone else in the world! Meet my lovely friend Keely. Not only is she GORGEOUS on the outside, she’s the kindest, most supportive, first to laugh at herself kind of woman. I adore her.

She’s my go to when I want to try a new photo trick, play with lighting, try a new costume, or just play in the studio. When I decided to relaunch my biz this year I knew she’d be willing to help, what I didn’t know is that she’d become my creative sister. She needed new headshots for her modeling career and I wanted to get a variety of new images for my portfolio. Not only did she bring “model” looks, she came with a CAKE for a styled shoot she had in mind! Love her!

And this was pretty great to create! 

Hair and Makeup: Annie Otterblad

Hair and Makeup for lingerie and outdoor photos: Keely Gelineau