Don’t Call It a Comeback…

… I’ve been here for years.

I decided back in January to make some big life changes. Not in the New Year resolution kind of way. More in the “you know what you’ve been too scared to do, suck it up and do it” kind of way.

2 years ago I closed shop on my business to work for an amazing wedding and newborn photographer. I learned a lot, met some amazing people and figured out what I did and didn’t like about this business.I’ve created a beautiful little studio in my home, planned out several outdoor photo sessions, and submersed myself in the outstanding teachings of Sue Bryce. I was lucky to have Jes with Mad Chicken Studios and Michelle of Sternberg Studios as honest/harsh/kind business mentors, friends I could test out new ideas on, and the most amazing husband supporting me! (Thanks again Codes.) Also a big thanks to ProPhoto for creating websites that are easy for photogs to customize! Pretty dang proud to say I set up/customized the new site 95% BY MYSELF!!!

Here’s a little before and after of my new space. Book a session and come check it out!