The Bryan-College Station Body Positivity Initiative - benefitting the Sexual Assault Resource Center


Women are taught from almost birth that to be female is to belong to something or someone other than ourselves. That in order to occupy the space marked “girl” or “woman” we must be someone else’s ideal of perfection, or at least be noticeably working in order to do so.

‘MINE’ is a storytelling endeavor that aims to change the way women approach our relationship with our physical selves. We are seeking 25 women and girls who are willing to sit down for an interview, and a photography session. This is a transfeminine friendly event.

In addition to a printed magazine featuring all participants, the final images and stories from those sessions will be displayed at an exhibit on November 4th, 2022 at the Grand Stafford Theater. This will be part of Destination Bryan's November First Friday!

Proceeds from this project and exhibit will be split between the artists conducting the initiative, and the Bryan-College Station Sexual Assault Resource Center .

Participation fee: $50

Suggestions for your portraits.

Ashley Lindsey is a portrait photographer who has lived and worked in the US Midwest and Texas as a photographer for 10 years. Ashley’s promise to her clients is to change the way they view themselves – to see not only their smiles, but their strength, conviction, love, dedication, and – yes! – sense of humor too. To achieve this goal, Ashley provides a rare combination of professionalism and artistry that allows clients to relax, engage, and even play.

“My weight is the least interesting thing about me. I'm kind, loyal, ridiculous, loving and can be a bit obnoxious. Those are what I want people to know, those are what you get when we meet. Once I was really able to truly believe and internalize that, my life took off. It helped me realize that no one else cares. People are too caught up in their lives and their own insecurities to even see me. Let alone say something negative. And for those few who might? It says more about them as a person than me. Working one on one with women has taught me that we all just want to be seen. We all have our hang ups and insecurities, but through those we want others to REALLY SEE who we are. I can do that for you.”

Ashley Lindsey

Jessica Lemmons is a copywriter and social media content manager who stumbled sideways into the world of marketing after a life of performing professionally onstage. Helping audiences see and identify with the person behind the business is her best talent, followed closely by helping business owners learn how to write their own content without getting too tangled up in their own head. The world is made of stories, and she’s on a mission to make sure that they’re told.

“Anorexia entered my life at the age of 17. I’m a sexual assault survivor. So much of my early adult life was spent onstage trying to force myself to match someone else’s ideal of what I ‘should’ be. When my first baby was born less than a year after my last anorexia relapse, I decided enough was enough. My body is mine, and I will use it and love it as I see fit. I want that for everyone.”

Jessica Lemmons


Support ‘MINE’ Financially

Are you interested in supporting 'MINE' but not as a participant? If you would like to have your business or service featured in the final magazine compilation as a sponsor, please fill out this application! The magazine will be distributed at the November 2022 First Friday in downtown Bryan, TX. This event is attended by about 4,000 people every month!

¼ page - $100

½ page - $200

Full page + 2 VIP tickets - $400

Back cover + 4 VIP tickets - $800 (Only one available!)

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The Bryan-College Station Body Positive Initiative seeks to empower the women and girls of the Brazos Valley in their journey to love their bodies as they are instead of what society at large tells us they should look like. This process is documented with an interview and accompanying photoshoot, culminating in an annual exhibit celebrating that year’s participants that raises money for the Sexual Assault Resource Center.